ScanSource Ransomware Attack

Technology provider ScanSource has announced it has fallen victim to a ransomware attack impacting some of its systems, business operations, and customer portals.

ScanSource is a U.S.-based cloud service and SaaS connectivity and network communications provider that also offers special PoS (point of sale) and payments, security, and AIDC (automatic identification and data capture) solutions.

The firm is also the owner of the cloud service provider and education platform Intelisys, and cloud distributor and managed services provider intY.

Starting around May 15th, ScanSource customers contacted BleepingComputer saying they no longer had access to the company’s customer portals and websites, concerned that they suffered a cyberattack.

Yesterday, ScanSource confirmed that they suffered a ransomware attack on May 14, 2023 that impacted some of its systems.

The company began implementing its incident response plan, including alerting law enforcement and enlisting the aid of forensic and cybersecurity professionals.

These experts assist with the ongoing investigation and help implement strategies to minimize the operational disruptions caused by the incident.

The impact of the cyberattack has been significant, as the company warns that there will be delays in the provision of services to customers in the forthcoming period, expected to affect operations in North America and Brazil.

“The Company is working diligently to bring affected systems back online, while also mitigating the impact on its business,” reads the press release.

“ScanSource regrets any inconvenience or delays in business this may cause customers and suppliers in North America and Brazil and appreciates their patience.”

The tech company is a Fortune 1000 entity traded on NASDAQ, where its stock price recorded a 1.42% drop today, presumably a result of the cyberattack disclosure.

At the time of publication, it is not known what ransomware operation is behind the attack or whether data has been stolen.