Law Firms are Under Cyberattack

Think about how much personal information you give to your attorney.  Name, Social, Birthday, home address, phone number, even financial records, everything short of your underwear size, right??

But have you stopped and thought about what cybersecurity protocols your attorney has on their systems.  What is keeping all of that information you provided safe??  Well the answer may shock you.

According to the Bar Association as of December 2022 only 14% of law firms have Cybersecurity!!  14% that cannot be right, we give them ALL of our personal information and they do nothing to protect it.  Well guess what, the HACKERS have figured this out and now law firms are under attack – Hard Core!

In 2020, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) published a cybersecurity review revealing that 30 out of 40 of the law firms they visited have already been victims of a cyberattack. In the remaining ten, cybercriminals have directly targeted their clients through legal transactions.

“While not all incidents culminated in a financial loss for clients, 23 of the 30 cases in which firms were directly targeted saw a total of more than $5m+ of client money stolen,” the SRA noted.

5 Million Dollars worth of Client Money Stolen!!  Don’t let your money be stolen..

Whilst you might be implementing cyber security effectively within your own business, you’re exposed to numerous risks if your suppliers (or other third party in your supply chain) have not done the same.

Just like small businesses a lot of smaller Law Firms only have 10 to 15 attorneys.  They too cannot afford the larger more expensive Cybersecurity Solutions.  Let alone the IT expertise to run it.  But this is where n@d@r can help, it is a low-cost cyber solution that is 93% autonomous, it is a hardware device so it can protect 100% of the devices in your office, and it is easy to install and implement.  So, really what are you waiting for?

Do not be afraid to ask your attorney what kind of Cybersecurity they have in place to protect all of your and your businesses most valuable information.

How do you keep your personal and business information safe?

What steps have you taken to protect yourself and your business?